Living a healthy lifestyle by starting to believe in yourself.


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We as humans tend to see the worst in everything and have multiple fears that we struggle to overcome. We stress we fight, we overthink, and we break ourselves down emotionally, mentally and it leads to physical weakening. This can then heavily impact your lifestyle and weaken your system. It can cause that you fall into a deep depression that will further crush and destroy the beautiful you.
Yes, we are only human, maybe we are supposed to have some sort of insecurity or phobia yet we don’t have to suffer or allow it to have a negative outlook on life or the world and people around us. Having such negativity is draining and it makes life miserable, every day will feel like a drag and later your life will feel worthless to you because you are falling into some sort of depression.
It doesn’t have to be like that, you don’t have to worry or stress yourself because things are not working out as you want to. You don’t have to fear a phobia thinking that it will be the end of you or who you are. And you definitely don’t have to be insecure of anything may it be physical dissatisfaction, situational or circumstantial.
In the end, you are living your life for yourself and you will reap what you sow. So, start believing in yourself, give yourself more credit for the little things you do and smile. Smile like your life depends on it, you will not just look more beautiful, but your smile will enhance your self-esteem to be more positive. Your smile might bring a smile to another unhappy and dysfunctional individual with a fear of life and the fear of not being good enough.
Worry less and wear that smile with confidence. You have made it this far and it wasn’t easy. You have been through so many and it just shows that those fears, insecurities and depression should take a step back because you are more than that.
You are amazing so show those minor setbacks that you got what it takes to get back in the game.



Hang on for a little longer…

Dawn is upon us and a new day begins, yet we are polluted with old hurtful thoughts that is not easy to get rid off.

We get tired of keeping our mind busy to keep out mind from tearing us apart and our tears from spoiling our mask that we pull on a daily. Staying strong becomes as painful as walking on broken glass, but we hang in.

Hold on a little longer, you will find your light and it will shine as bright as the Sun during the day and the stars and moon at night. In the end everything, all the pain and trouble will be worth the fight and sleepless nights.


And staying strong is not easy I know and it makes give up seem so easy. Getting rid of the pain is all you want to do but you are the type of person that does not only consider yourself but the people you love and keep close to you. And you tend to always try to make it easy on other because you know how it feels and you would rather spare other from experiencing pain like that.

It is natural, its okay. You are not as weird as you think, you are not being crazy, everything but.

You are being considered and that is a traits that the minority in this world has because the Generation Z (new generation) is all about being selfish and thinking solo, making it in the world and making it happen  for themselves. Being completely in opposite of you.

Don’t feel that you need to fit in, you are a unique beautiful “souled” individuals that is one of the little humble hearted and don’t change yourself. Not to make people see your good heart or to fit in.

If they can’t love you when you are on your lowest, they don’t deserve you on your best.


“Gender Inequalities and harassment”… by Percy Mabandu assisted by Gwen Ansell with special guest Nicky Schirre.

The topic was not just engaging but indeed interesting especially when the topic was opened to the floor by the Business Day jazz columnist Gwen Ansell.

The Arts Journalism is led by a panel of experts within the field of journalism, photography, literature and media respectively. The gathering focuses on sharing knowledge, ideas and opinions in the form of a robust debate within the confines of intellectual discourse.

The topic of this year’s Arts Journalism Public Debate discussed jazz and gender, and it had the audience on the edges of their seats to not just to hear but give their personal opinions on the topic on hands.

This topic held power within the audience, as question were requested within second’s hands went up to ask. And intellectual questions it was, questions that bowled the panel but they gave very suitable and elaborated answers in return.

I personally was astonished by the guest panellist, Nicky Schrire. She is one of my favourite artist and I personally have a big love for her music and the way she present them. She was very interested to this topic and could not help to jump in and answer questions she thought she could give a good answer to. She really has a passion for the equality for female musicians and artist in the creative industry.

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The Arts Journalism Public Debate of 2018,is truly one to remember.

The New Master Class “Umculo Wam” made huge waves in Langa and Athlone.

“The Umculo Wam master classes is a mentorship and upliftment programme that aims to give musicians and performers from higher education facilities, the opportunity to interact with mentors and professionals working in the music industry”…

The professionals that ran these classes or rather say the mentors where in Langa were Amanda Black and The Soil. The audience were so thrilled to see these musicians in flesh and didn’t hesitate to pepper them with questions and for demonstrations.

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And in the meawhile Mi Casa was getting ready in Athlone to bring “mentorship and upliftment” to the audience that side. The audience was also very shook and mesmerized by their presence. They polished the floor with the demonstration and had the audience going crazy. “It is our pleasure to bring such pleasure to such real people and fans”, Mi Casa.

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And that was the first and very successful launch of the Umculo Wam Master Classes.




Master classes were doing the most at the CTIJFTnD.


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This is the workshop that has the highest attendance rate out of all the workshops given by the Cape Town International Jazz Festival Training and Development Program. Mostly because it is very intimate and exclusive and has the most famous and upcoming artist and musicians in it.

Within this workshop this year we had amazing artists/musicians that took the stage. They were Miley Mosley, who is a talented upright bass player and who really takes his talent to heart. He is very passionate about the instrument he plays and makes sure that he and his glorified upright bass get the needed exposure and applause it deserves.

The second artist was Vijay Iyer, a pianist that is very subtle and sweet to say the least. He had a different approach than perhaps say Miley Mosley that demonstrated his work and had quite of a hype to his time on stage. Vijay Iyer, mostly informed the audience of his history and how he came about and how he started off in the music industry. He opened the floor for question and elaborate more through his answers.

The most applaud and loved artist was Corinne Bailey Rae, this woman literally brought tears to people’s eyes. His artist talked about her experience and how she fell in love with the guitar and made something beautiful from it. She was very inspirational and has the audience at the edges of their seats every time she took her guitar. Her music, voice and lyrics are truly soul food.

These three artist was the highlight of the Master classes at the Cape Sun Hotel.



As for the Music Business, we were privileged to share the room with the founder himself, Billy Domingo.


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By definition “The Music Business is by hosted by various experienced music industry and event professionals, this workshop takes the form of a panel discussion and is aimed at anyone wanting to know more about the business of music. The workshops cover business operations, event productions, royalties and the latest trends in the music industry”.

This workshop started off with Mr Domingo telling the success tale of the Cape Town International Jazz Festival from the diapers till the 19th celebration this year. Mr Billy could not show enough emotion on how proud he is of this event and its success it has made over the 19 year it has been running.

On stage he was accompanied by the musician Donveno Prins, Aki Khan and the wonderful ladies Queen Makhubela and Leonora Da Souza Zilwa. They all played a big role in the start of this event and is just as proud as Mr Domingo is of the success it has gained throughout the years.

I personally take my hat off for all the people involved to making this festival a success every year and making sure it happened on time. And so did Mr Domingo, he praised the team but especially Craig Park for all the sacrifices he puts in making sure that everything is okay and that nothing flops or whatever. This accreditation was well deserved to the TBC and Craig Park, says the founder.

The Cape Town International Jazz Festival including the Sustainable Training and Development Program is on its own one great motivation for everyone out there, all around the world. And it should be something you should strive to, whether you are a local, national or international musician/artist.

One thing that struck me was these world of Mr Billy Domingo, “If you can put your mind to it, you sure as hell can do it. Stop being lazy and go out there, make name for yourself because if you don’t no one will”. I will surely forever remember those words, and make sure to pass it on…

In a world of advance technology as today, surely Music can take advantage too.

The Music Technology is about discovering the latest trend and innovations in smart devices technology and how to use these devices efficiently to benefit your music.

The special guests at the Music Technology were Winston Siljeur and The Digital Sangoma. These musician came prepared to show everyone that technology plays a huge role in music not just to its benefits but to enhance and better it.

They showed the audience how they use technology to benefit their music and not to change it. And the audience were astonished at how much improvement technology can add to music if you us it properly and efficiently.

These two artist taught the audience that the latest technological advance to help improves your performance on stage and in studio.

It was so inspirational how they inspired young potential musicians to allow technology into their music and motivated them to always be alert on how to use the latest technology to better their music and brand.

The Key is to be as unique and creative in the Fashion Industry to make the big CUT.

And I quote “Aspire to change and try to bring out the best in you and what you do”, said the wonderful Karen Burt.

Many designers and upcoming professionals attended this workshop, not just to meet the inspirational guest panelists but to get advice and motivated through their stories and words.

As much as the panellists talked about how to start your own business and how to further your brand. Questions such as “How do we execute and begin with starting our own business, knowing that the fashion industry is cluttered with all kind of designers from different spectrums of the world?, Why do you think the African Fashion is not as popular as the other brands like Gucci?, Is it true that our own people are supporting the imported brands more than their own?, were asked from the audience and the answers was quite honest and factual.

The best part of this workshop is the part that I live for. This year’s guest panelists were the most motivational ever, with every word they spoke, they added a sentence of motivation to inspire the audience. That for me stood out because in a very busy, difficult and challenging industry like fashion, motivation is quite a necessity. And that is why people tend to fail, give up or just leave everything they worked so hard on, because of the lack of motivation, drive and confidence they have in themselves as a brand and as a pupil.

Cape Town International Jazz Festival remember the Late Legend, Hugh Ramapolo Masekela.

I don’t think any musician ever thinks about making a statement. I think everybody goes into music loving it.


The Cape Town International Jazz Festival is dedicating this 19th Celebration to the passed-on legend, Bra Hugh.

Hugh Masekela has previously performed at 16th Cape Town International Jazz Festival best known as the “Sweet Sixteen”.


The performance of Bra Hugh is known as one the CTIJF’s five iconic moments among the others like George Benson, Miriam Makeba, Tribute “Birdie” Mboweni and Norman Brown, Kirk Whalum and Rick Braun.

In 2015 Hugh Masekela intrigued the audience with his unrivaled trumpet skills as well as his magnetic personality. He received a PPL Lifetime Achievement awards for his contribution to music globally which greatly includes the Cape Town International Jazz Festival.

But more about the legend and his triggering melodies that literally melts the heart.
He was through and through a man of music and he was not ashamed to let everyone know it.

He showed so much passion through his music that he went against his parents’ wishes for him to become a doctor or lawyer. He made them proud by becoming one of the world’s trumpeters and iconic stars.  It just shows how much love he had for music and sending messages through his lyrics and melodies to inspire other people.

Now the Cape Town International Jazz Festival is dedicating this year’s festival to the Amazing legend.

Check out the link below and see the phenomenal legend:

Forgive. Move forward. And love again.

Pain is one is the most dreadful feeling, meaning it can literally cause death. It can take away worth and it can take away the most important element of life, happiness.

I am sharing this with you because everyone deserves to know that it’s okay to have pain and that it is only temporary. And with the quote by Maya Angelou it shows that life is full of pain but it is how you deal with your troubles and how you see life. Because life is unfair and it is full of obstacles but if you are positive about the future, you will be a happier person.

My mission in life is not merely to survive but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.

Maya Angelou one wise woman and a very good example of this topic.
Maya grew up poorly, disadvantaged and “sad” to put it mildly. She has been through what we call struggles. Just that what she went through was far worse than what we define as struggle. She went through despair and literally broke down. Maya had it difficult, she was an orphan, she was thrown away. She went through circumstances no child should ever be exposed to.
But has this woman blamed her circumstances? Did she pity herself and dig a hole to hid in? Never not Maya Angelou.

After her breakdown, she decided that she must make something of herself. That she had to rise from the ashes and dust herself off because no one is going to do it for her. This phenomenal woman got up, dusted off all the past and started to build on herself and her future. She knew that she was destined for better, destined for greater and she has striven to be the best she can. Through all the hurt, pain, sorrows and despair she made it. She stood up and forgave, She stood up and she moved on from the past. She stood up and she began to do her. And finally, she reached success.
She knew that she had potential, she knew she had it in her to prosper and she made it her priority. There were doubt yes, there is always doubt but self-believe is key. And with the needed motivation you can live up to the courage of Maya. Aspire to be the best you can be, no matter the circumstances or situation.
Remember there is always a storm before the rainbow. You will get your rainbow, we all get our rainbow. Some sooner than others.
PS: Self-concept is key and only you, yourself can change, better or help yourself.

Like respect would go a long way. This Maya Angelou, her legacy will still go a long way.
My Role Model.

Please see Maya and listen to how she made it: